ACH Can Help You At Work & At Home

If you run a business, especially if you run a B2B operation, where your clients and/or customers are other businesses, you probably already know about the professional advantage of ACH payment processing. ACH or Automated Clearing House payment processing is a slower, but safer, cheaper form of payment processing that sacrifices the speed of an […]

If You’re A B2B, You Want ACH Payment Systems

Different companies will have different ways of approaching the way they handle payments and finances. Not every solution is ideal for the way a company works. For example, if you’re a business that works providing a product or service primarily to other business, that’s a completely different way of operating from a retail business. Retail […]

The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Company To Handle Your Online ACH Check Processing Needs

Although paper checks are not used to pay for goods or services as often as they once were, many consumers still use them today. It stands to reason that if a company accepts multiple types of payments, the institution will make more money and increase profitability. Nevertheless, numerous owners shy away from letting consumers buy […]

Can Bluetooth Payment Processing Help Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

Today’s businesses require a number of different things in order to go beyond just succeeding and exceed their goals consistently. While broader things like good marketing strategies, strong employee relations, and a good brand identity are all important, it’s important to pay attention to smaller things that have a big influence as well.

What Makes ACH A Good Payment Method?

ACH, or automated clearinghouse, is an electronic payment method that’s easiest to understand when you think of it as the next step in checks. It’s important for merchants to accept credit and debit cards thanks to how many people use them today, but merchants who accept large payments and use their website for business should […]