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What is ACH Processing?

There are two primary ways people can pay for their purchases online and offline: using cash or credit. Within the cash family, people can use paper money, use debit cards, or write a check. The result is the same. The cash comes out of their immediate re...

Published 2013-09-18 04:24:41

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Are ACH Payments Really Secure?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) volume has been growing exponentially every year for the past ten years. The Electronic Payments Association (NACHA) says ACH payments had already moved past 21 billion transactions in 2012 and was up 7.6% at end of second q...

Published 2013-09-17 01:47:53

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How ACH Encourages Repeat Business

Once a person experiences the convenience and security of paying or being paid via an ACH transaction, they become instantly enamored with this handy little payment vehicle. The recurring option of ACH payments is like having a personal assistant, solely...

Published 2013-09-12 00:12:24

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Why Professional Service Companies Shouldn’t Live without ACH Solutions

ACH payments are digital payments made through the Automated Clearing House network, a secure system for processing electronic payments between banks. The most common uses of ACH are online bill payment, mortgage and loan repayment, tuition payments, club...

Published 2013-08-16 01:48:47

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Remote Deposit Capture

In 2004, the Check 21 Act took effect, enabling businesses to deposit a check into a bank account from a remote location without physically having to deliver the actual check to the bank. This is done by digitally scanning an image of a check into a comp...

Published 2013-08-12 23:27:16

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3 Ways Web Payment Processing Can Make You Rich

There is gold in them there sites! The Internet has made a lot of people rich who would not have otherwise had the same opportunities before the www became part of our daily life. Payment processing is a vital part of the money to be made online. Here...

Published 2013-07-26 22:22:06

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ACH Compared to Checks

ACH Checks____________________________________________________ Bank Process Time 1-2 Business Days 7-10 Business Days Cost per Trans...

Published 2013-07-18 00:53:00

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The Trick to Getting Low Rates

Magicians really do have special powers, but they are not as magical and mystical as we'd like to believe. Their tricks are more about the element of distraction. The distraction techniques employed by magicians are used to draw the audience's attention a...

Published 2013-07-12 22:48:03

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Benefits of using ACH Processing

Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing allows companies to collect payments from customers electronically using the ACH network. Using ACH processing reduces errors, speeds up the transaction process, and saves resources. An ACH payment is simply an e...

Published 2013-06-26 20:02:01

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National Processing – The Company with the Solutions You Need

Every company, whether big or small, well-established or just getting started, want the same things. They want other companies, who are going to work with them, to provide the best possible solutions to their needs, at the most affordable prices, with the...

Published 2013-06-10 23:40:00

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