Payment Descriptors Can Prevent Chargebacks

The chargeback is one of the most dreaded financial activities for any business. It’s particularly likely—and unwelcome—during busy periods, such as the holiday season, when there is an increased amount of business. No business enjoys finding out that a credit card company is removing funds from the business bank account because a customer is unhappy […]

Fight Fraud Before The Chargeback Occurs

The credit card is one of the most convenient ways for consumers to pay for goods, products, and services. Not only does it mean people no longer have carry cash in their wallets, they don’t even have to have the cash in their bank account, or make transactions at a physical location. However, when a […]

Chargebacks And How To Reduce Them

Businesses today are more and more frequently accepting credit and debit card payments, and the main reason is simple – they don’t have another option. The bottom line is that if you don’t give customers the ability to buy with their cards, you’re essentially eliminating a large portion of your sales. More people than ever […]

7 Ways to Lower Chargeback Numbers and Save Your Company Money


Every business owner has experienced customer chargebacks. This is most likely to occur when the customer is unsatisfied with the product, did not receive their order, or experience fraudulent charges on their card. Business owners know that this is an unavoidable part of running a company, so they accept it as a necessary evil. Almost […]