Checking It Twice

Although the electronic age has changed many ways that individuals and businesses handle their finances, the foundation for accounts and banking has still remained intact. The biggest difference is that electronic data has taken the place of physical pieces of paper, although the manner in which the transfer functions is just a simplified version of […]

Check Processing Services Of Great Help To Small Businesses!

With America becoming more digital with each passing day, it is sometimes tough to remember that checks remain one of the most popular forms of payment. In many cases, the way Americans use checks has changed, with electronic checks and check-by-phone payments offering speed and convenience, as well as saving the cost of postage. Refusing […]

Check Processing

National Processing makes check processing simple, fast and secure. With over $31 trillion customer payments made by ACH (Automated Clearing House), having a reliable partner to process customer payments has never been more essential. According to the Federal Reserve, nearly 91 percent of electronic payments were processed via ACH. How it works Electronic check and […]