Is There No Checkout In Your Future?

For generations now, the physical concept of buying things in a real-world, brick and mortar retail outlet has remained the same. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a giant chain franchise, or a small, independently owned business, the purchasing process is the same. People get the items they want to buy, and once they’re ready to […]

Understanding Merchant Services

Few things can impact your business quite like being able to accept all forms of payment. It’s not something that many new business owners think about at first, but when you consider that more people than ever before are paying with their credit or debit cards instead of with cash, it becomes clear that you […]

Transparency in the Credit Card Processing World


In the world of credit card processing, transparency is king. In fact, transparency has its own language… ok, maybe not language, but there are keywords, that every business owner should pay attention to, such as yes, no, never, and always. Any business (worth its weight in salt) should be able to deliver on these transparent […]

Choose The Right People To Expand Your Merchant Services Partnership

As a merchant services partnership, your job is to convince merchants of all stripes to switch to your sponsor’s network, whether it’s for online transactions, card payments, or direct bank transfers. Your reward is a residual, a percentage of the net profit made based on the volume of the merchant’s transactions. How big this percentage […]