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5G Wireless Could Change Credit Card Processing Forever
5G Wireless Could Change Credit Card Processing Forever

We currently live in the age of 4G, or fourth generation wireless communication. Every ten years or so, the technology goes through a serious speed upgrade and adds a few new capabilities, and so while 4G is good enough for now, tech experts are already l...

Published 2017-03-07 16:00:40

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What Comes After The Phone?
What Comes After The Phone?

One of the biggest developments in the current marketplace is the introduction of "mobile payments" to the scene. It's a relatively new mechanism of payment since it's so reliant on modern technology in order to work. Mobile payments are based on the conc...

Published 2016-09-06 15:00:26

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pay merchant payment debit credit card machine
The Future Of Payment Should Be Easier

Perhaps one of the most interesting lessons that people in sales and marketing have learned from the digital era is this; people will go with whatever solution is the easiest. We see this in evolution of how software and music piracy has evolved over the...

Published 2016-08-09 15:00:12

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Payment Banking Transaction Accounting E-Payment Concept
Is Your Payment System Social Media Friendly?

One of the more surprising developments we've seen in the new millennium is the growing importance of the phone in people's everyday lives. Computers on a desk where frequently seen as high tech devices that only technical "nerdy" experts found useful. Co...

Published 2016-08-02 15:00:35

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Ecommerce word on wooden table
Three Ways To Improve Your E-Commerce

If you're conducting business online, whether it's primarily as a digital storefront, or as a supplement to what you do in a real world, brick and mortar place of business, you've created an additional channel for financial transactions. It's an important...

Published 2016-04-26 15:00:33

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Mobile Payments. Man holding phone.
Top 5 Reasons To Choose National Processing

Here at National Processing, we believe payment processing should be affordable, easy, and accurate. Our purpose is to save you, the customer, money by offering the lowest rates for both ACH and Credit Card processing, and secure batch processing, meaning...

Published 2016-04-19 15:00:03

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Online shopping. Female making online payment, close up
Choosing A Payment Processor: Things To Look For

When making the decision to switch to a payment processor for your business, there's a lot of options to consider, and lots of worry, too. After all, you're putting your livelihood and all your business transactions in the hands of a company you know litt...

Published 2016-03-29 15:00:07

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Credit cards
Look Into Tokenization With Your EMV Payments

The EMV system is making its way into credit card payment processing systems around the country as America, only last year, finally embraced the system. And while the EMV system does mean America is joining a larger, well established global standard for t...

Published 2016-03-01 16:00:50

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Credit cards in the mobile phone
Mobile Payments Need To Change

Mobile payments have been making a lot of progress in the last few years, especially in larger urban centers like San Francisco and New York, where cutting edge technologies and payment systems are easier to implement. But even though this new way of payi...

Published 2016-02-09 16:00:12

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Ecommerce Word Shows Online Business And Biz
How To Improve Your E-Commerce Website

The Internet has made it possible for business owners-large and small alike-to enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to expand their market to a global audience. But this also means that there's far more competition out there than ever before, and it's not j...

Published 2015-10-27 15:00:13

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