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Examining chargebacks
What Are Chargebacks?

In the business world, there are plenty of different aspects behind transactions and sales in general. Payment processing has become almost synonymous with doing business today, with its high level of convenience, ease of use, and excellent security. Some...

Published 2013-11-20 02:47:53

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shopping cart with a computer
The Many Ways Payment Processing Has Changed E Commerce

There's no question that the internet has changed the way we shop and do business, and payment processing is a key part of E commerce in today's digital world. Payment processing uses an electronic network to handle financial transactions. Things like dir...

Published 2013-11-17 12:00:38

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tablet holograming difference mobile technology
The Benefits Of Starting A Business With Payment Processing

These days, keeping things as simple and as effective as possible are two of the keys for business success. From the moment a business opens its doors it needs to have all of the advantages possible, and one option that can't be overlooked is setting up p...

Published 2013-11-15 12:00:24

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How To Maximize Your Online Sales

For a new online merchant there is a lot of thought and hard work that goes into the elements of website design and usability, including the selection of the right color combinations, solid copywriting, and product photos. In addition to the aforementione...

Published 2013-09-24 02:33:13

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Solutions for Seasonal Merchants and Credit Cards Processing

If it's September and you don't have your Christmas merchandise out on your shelves yet...boy are you behind the game! And as for Halloween... that'll be on clearance before your kids can even carve their first pumpkin. Tick-tock, tick-tock people... seas...

Published 2013-09-10 00:39:42

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The Best in Merchant Account Security – Preventing Employee Data Theft

Any serious businessman or woman will implement security measures to make sure their customers do not steal from them. They will also take similar measures to make sure that their employees do not steal from them either. But how many businesses have est...

Published 2013-09-04 22:05:10

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How to Read Your Payment Processing Statement

There are enough columns and sub-headings on a payment processing statement to make the most seasoned CPA cry. If you are looking for a clear indication of how much you are really paying for your credit card service...good luck. Sudoku would be easier....

Published 2013-08-31 03:59:00

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How to Maximize Productivity With Credit Card Processing

Maximizing productivity is one of the most sought after goals in the world of business. More productivity means less wasted time, more results and increased profits. Maximized productivity will also boost morale among your employees. The key to increasin...

Published 2013-08-27 01:27:09

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Online Payment Processing – We’ve Come a Long Way

Online payment processing begins way back before the Internet came into existence. It begins with the first credit card. The first credit card was introduced 63 years ago. It all began as three men; Frank X. McNamara, Alfred Bloomingdale, and Ralph Snei...

Published 2013-08-08 22:23:45

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Credit Card Processing – We Are Not Evil

With so many people suffering from debt related disasters recently, just hearing the words Credit Card raises a pitchfork type reaction in many people. The assumption is that anyone involved in the credit card business is out to drag you down into the de...

Published 2013-08-06 23:49:24

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