Is Your Business Prepared To Accept Checks?

Is Your Business Prepared To Accept Checks?Although the writing of checks isn’t quite as common as it once was, it still happens today. Most customers simply swipe their debit or credit card and are in and out of the location in a matter of no time. Heck, many consumers even tap their smartphones to a point-of-sale terminal to pay for their goods. Then, there is always the tried and true method of paying with cash. In other words, people carry around a lot of different payment forms these days and businesses must be prepared to handle them all.

Why do they need to accept so many forms of payment? Well, the answer is simple really. If a company fails to allow its clients to pay how they want, the clients will shop at other places that can accommodate their wishes. When too many customers go bye-bye, profits decrease. While the sinking bottom line may not be enough to cause the business to close down for good, it can still hurt. The organization may have to lay off employees or make cutbacks in other areas.

Ways That Merchant Services Can Help

Our processing company has top of the line POS systems that allow your business to accept all payment types, including checks. In turn, when your organization receives more checks, you make more money. As mentioned above, checks aren’t used as often anymore, but still, they account for over 50-percent of all non-cash sales at the point of sale. So, don’t get stuck between a rock and a hard place by having your customers go elsewhere. Instead, let our merchant services help. We proudly offer top-notch products for checking such as…

• Check21, Point Of Sales Solutions, And Checks By Phone
• Check Guarantee And ACH Processing
• Remote Deposit Capture And Many Others

Check21 gives your business the ability to deposit all checks remotely. Hence, it eliminates yourself or employees from having to physically take the documents to the bank, which saves both time and money. We also have the Electronic Check Conversion program. With this initiative, the check becomes converted to a paperless transaction. Thus, it is just like processing a payment from a credit or debit card. ECT moves the funds from the customer’s bank account into yours.

Check Guarantee is the last thing that will be addressed here. Your representative only has to enter the client’s information into the POS. Then, in less than 4 seconds, the system accesses both local and national files looking for negative records of unpaid checks. Hence, in the blink of an eye, Check Guarantee can authorize or deny the payment method.

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