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newhughWe know it; there are swarms of us out there. When I say ‘us’ I am, of course referring to payment processors. We’re the ones who start sending you all those postcards the minute you register your new business name. Next come the phone calls. As with any industry, there are some really good, legitimate companies, like National Processing, that provide quality products and excellent customer service who are busy trying to win your processing business. But then there is the ‘other’ kind of company; the company with the fast talking, high-pressure sales people who really don't have much to offer once they close the sale. How can you easily distinguish between the two? Follow these 3 ways to identify a good payment processor.

First – Ask your friends. Find out who other people like and why. Also ask who they’ve tried but did not like, and why. The best payment processors to work with do not have to send out postcards and make many cold calls because client referrals will keep the new business rolling in for them.

Second - Pick up the phone. When you call a potential processor, does a human being answer the phone or are you left to deal with some machine? Now imagine trying to call in with an important question or issue with your processing. It’s not fun to be pressing buttons and weaving through a maze of automated options when all you really need is personal attention.

Third – Seeing is believing. What should you see? A side-by-side comparison would be nice, if you are already processing with someone else. Have prospective processors put your current numbers up next to their numbers so you can see for yourself how the numbers compare. Make sure you compare ALL the fees and rates so you have a complete picture. If you haven’t processed before and do not have any numbers to compare, then what you want to see are these words: NO CONTRACT. Those two words are a good indication that a processor is prepared to keep your business by making you happy, not by locking you into a contract with a high cancellation fee.

These 3 ways to identify a good payment processor will empower you to make the most advantageous decision for your company when it comes to who will handle your credit card and ACH processing needs.

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 13, 2013