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There is gold in them there sites!  The Internet has made a lot of people rich who would not have otherwise had the same opportunities before the www became part of our daily life.  Payment processing is a vital part of the money to be made online.  Here are three ways to cash in on the mother load.

1.  Find a need, fill a need.  With the Internet, it’s completely feasible to dedicate a ‘store’ to   a specific niche market.  Open up a website that sells left-handed scissors or a site that sells camping chairs for people with extremely large bottoms.  By taking payments online instantly, you will capitalize on ‘buyer’s relief’, a consumer phenomenon that derives purchases from of a feeling of sheer relief that someone finally understands their specific needs.  They’ll be so glad to see that one product they’ve been searching for; they won’t be able to click that purchase button fast enough.

2.  Give referrals.  If you love your web payment processor, refer your friends to them.  You can enjoy a significant side income from referral rewards programs. Or if you bring in a lot of referrals, you can benefit from a steady residual income as an independent sales agent.  If your processor does not offer these options, you are with the wrong processor.

3.  Set up automatic payments.  With ACH services, your customers who pay on regular installments can have that automatically withdrawn from their accounts.  Offering web payment options such as ACH improves your accounts receivable efforts by 37% and cuts your accounting costs by 16%.  You can contract significant discounts from your vendors when you pay on time or early.  But you cannot pay on time or early if you are not being paid on time.

Posted in ACH Processing, online payment processing, Payment Processing on Jul 26, 2013