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Credit Card Processing – We Are Not Evil

With so many people suffering from debt related disasters recently, just hearing the words Credit Card raises a pitchfork type reaction in many people.  The assumption is that anyone involved in the credit card business is out to drag you down into the depths of an inescapable bondage.   Whereas I cannot speak for everyone in the industry and their motives, I can say that credit card processors are not anywhere near demon status. index

Quite to the contrary.  Credit card processing allows moms to fuel up their minivans without ever being more than two feet away from their precious cargo.  Credit card processing allows grandma to buy a box of Legos online for Junior’s Christmas present, without having to walk down that icy sidewalk. Credit card processing allows Dad to pay his daughters tuition during his lunch break, just seconds after he realizes it is the last day to do so without late fees.  When you think about it…we are kinda awesome!

So, although we’re not going to hold our breath for a Nobel Prize, we will hold our heads high and watch the world go round a little bit smoother and safer because of the services we provide.

Posted in credit card processing, Credit Cards, Merchant Account, online payment processing, Online Payment Solutions, Payment Processing on Aug 06, 2013