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How ACH Brings Return Customers To You

Your business needs a lot of different things to thrive, including good marketing, great employees, and more. Repeat business is a key aspect of the success of any business, and there are numerous things that can help drum up repeat business and return customers. One of the more surprising ones is that of ACH processing. Also called Automated Clearing House, this is a type of payment processing that is handled online through automated systems. Things like direct deposit payroll, E commerce purchases, and even online automated loan payments all fall into the scope of ACH processing.

Obviously, ACH processing is much more common than many people realize. But it's also very beneficial to your business, and can create repeat business in several different ways. If you're not sure that ACH processing can really generate return customers, consider the following.

The biggest way ACH processing generates return business for your company is through its convenience. Today, most consumers are used to having maximum convenience in everything they do. This includes easy payment for purchases, bills, and more. And ACH payment processing makes it easier than other options for them to pay for your goods or services. That convenience means satisfaction, and satisfaction means that they'll come back to you again.

The security offered by ACH processing has a big influence on return customers, too. While it's common for some to worry about automated processing and digital transactions, today this type of payment setup will use the ACH network that is overseen by the federal government. Federal Reserve Banks process the vast majority of transactions. Plus, today's digital encryption means that it's highly unlikely any data can be lost or stolen. Simply put, it's a safe option and as a result people will likely return to it again and again.

E commerce purchases are one of the more common types of uses for ACH processing, but other types of transactions like setting up a loan payment or monthly payments for services is also possible with this system. That gives your customers versatility in their payments, which can help them remember to come back to you time and time again.

If you're trying to build repeat business for your company, you'll have plenty of things to focus on. Build a good service history, great reputation, and more and you'll start seeing the same customers coming back. But ACH processing can help as well, and is worth adding to your business.

Posted in ACH, ACH Processing on Nov 01, 2013