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ACH Can Be Critical For Small Businesses

ACH Can Be Critical For Small BusinessesWhen it comes to small business success, ease of use can be the key.

Think about the last time you shopped at an online website. Odds are good that if you used one of the “big names” in the e-commerce industry, you placed a lot of faith in the brand’s good name.

Since you probably have a history with the site, you felt you could rely on all of the following:

-- The items that you purchased would be as described and available at a reasonable price. -- The items would arrive within a reasonable timeframe and could be returned if needed. -- The items would be paid for quickly and accurately using your choice of payment method. Now, imagine that you are a prospective customer encountering your own brand for the first time. Since you aren’t familiar with the brand and its character, you can’t be completely certain about any of the factors above. Which one is the most important? Efficient, Effective Payment Is The Way To Establish Trust As A Small Business When you go online to shop or compare items, you already know to look for the “lock” icon. If you don’t see it, you can’t be certain the site you are on is reputable. That might cause you to leave the site, or at least hold off on making a payment ... ... and as any businessperson knows, payment deferred is often payment lost. If you went to a website that was fast, impressive, and comprehensive, but it required you to pay by money order, what are the odds that you would move forward with the transaction from that site? You might put up with the extra inconvenience if it was an important, “big ticket” item that wasn’t available elsewhere. However, if there were any time constraints at all, you would likely look for another supplier before committing. Using ACH is one way to associate your brand, which might be unknown, with one of the biggest players in commerce today. It’s similar to getting a Better Business Bureau rating or being involved with your local chamber of commerce. ACH Pays When it Comes to Making Purchases Convenient Whether your business caters to the impulse buyer or gently guides customers down a long sales pipeline, ACH is key to making the final step -- the most important one -- as simple as it can be. With National Processing, your world-class ACH processing will reflect well on you. Remember, customers don’t distinguish between your brand and the vendors or agents you use throughout your sales process. Pick the best ACH processor so you know that when your ACH partner does a good job, you’ll get the credit.

Posted in ACH, ACH Processing on Apr 15, 2014