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ACH Can Help You At Work & At Home

ACH Can Help You At Work & At HomeIf you run a business, especially if you run a B2B operation, where your clients and/or customers are other businesses, you probably already know about the professional advantage of ACH payment processing. ACH or Automated Clearing House payment processing is a slower, but safer, cheaper form of payment processing that sacrifices the speed of an instant debit/credit transaction for the organization and efficiency of timed, automated deposits and transactions.

Handle Your Customers

If you have clients or customers that make regular, recurring payments, the ACH system is perfect for automatically scheduling and transacting these payments on the appointed day. Obviously this can be a little more problematic for retail operations that handle dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of small transactions over the course of one day. But if you are a B2B enterprise that services bigger customers and clients with a specific product or service, ACH often makes sense. A regular supply of a product to a client, with a fixed amount every month means that you enjoy a certain reliability and predictability when you can expect to receive payments. ACH is great, cost-effective solution for handling this type of payment. Thanks to the automated nature of the system, it even means your client/customer doesn’t have to worry about remembering to pay; as long as the funds are present in the designated account, the payment will automatically occur.

Handle Your Home Finances

In the same way, if you’ve enjoyed the convenience of ACH working for you and your business, you should think about letting it do some of the work at home. The exact same benefits apply in this case. If you have any recurring payments where you know it’s always going to be the same fixed amount, and you always have the funds set aside, there’s no point in always reminding yourself to make the same monthly payment. Let an ACH system of payment processing handle this for you. One great example where this can work to your advantage is mortgage/rent or car payments. You’ll likely want to handle utility bills such as electricity on an individual basis, since the amounts will vary. However, for home payments, car payments, or even things like Internet access which will always have the same amount, every month, ACH is perfect.

Always Stay Up To Date

Using an ACH system either at your place of business, or at your home is a great way to make sure that you always receive the payments you want, or make the payments you need without ever having to remind yourself of what’s due. It’s also one of the most cost effective ways to handle payments. The kinds of fees that occur with credit card transactions aren’t applied to ACH, chiefly because no credit card vendors are involved! Instead, payments are stored, until an appointed time during the day when payment processing occurs. At that time, all payments, in “bulk” are processed, which saves on cost since there’s no need to draw processing resources all throughout the day, only at the appointed time!

Posted in ACH, ACH Processing, ACH Service, Payment Processing on Dec 06, 2018