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ACH Check Processing – Taking the Check Out of the Mail

We have all heard the phrase “The check is in the mail”. In most cases this is a sarcastic way of saying that something is probably not ever going to happen. In the past, people used checks as a reliable and common form of payment when they did not have enough cash on them to make a purchase or pay for a service that had been rendered. The consumer would write out a check for the amount they wanted to pay, sign it and hand it to the purveyor of the good or service that they were purchasing. The recipient would then take the check and endorse it, then deposit it at their financial institution. Today, many businesses prefer ACH check processing. Standard paper checks are not as reliable as they once were for a variety of reasons. Checks that are mailed to the payee have the potential to get lost or misrouted. A check made out to cash, in the wrong hands can be deposited, even though it wasn’t intended for the person depositing it. In today’s uncertain economy a check is also no longer an ironclad guarantee that you will receive payment. A person is capable of writing a check for an amount greater than the funds which they actually have available. The recipient runs the risk of not only not getting paid, but incurring fees for the returned check when they accept a paper check. ACH check processing helps avoid this issue. An ACH check is an immediate withdrawal of funds, at the time that the check is issued. No paper check has to be written out, though many financial institutions will provide a paper version back to the account holder to enable them to reconcile their statement. ACH check processing provides a safe means for businesses to accept checks and a secure way for account holders to issue checks, with no risk of the check not making it to the intended recipient. If you have a business and are looking for ways to enhance the payment experience for your customers, then you should consider offering ACH check processing. Fast, simple and reliable, it provides a great way to ensure that you get paid on time, the first time and every time. It also protects your customers by preventing them from ever writing a check that may bounce on them or using a credit card with interest and finance charges attached. Please contact us for more questions or comments at 800-403-8182 or at

Posted in ACH, Checks, Uncategorized on Jan 04, 2010