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ACH Credit Card Processing Is A Good Way To Connect With Older CustomersMore and more customers are noticing changes in the way businesses handle point of sale transactions. With the increasing availability of many different mobile technologies, it now becomes possible to make a tablet or even a smartphone into a point of sale.

In many ways, this type of innovation is positive. It means that smaller businesses with limited money to invest in equipment will no longer need to purchase sophisticated point of sale systems that may add very significantly to the startup costs of the business.

However, savvy businesses should note that there is also a downside.

Younger consumers may consider the use of “Bring Your Own Device” mobile technology for credit card processing to be an obvious next step, one that’s almost innocuous. But this does not necessarily reflect the opinions of older consumers.

In a landscape of ongoing technological change, it’s important to make sure businesses are sensitive to the needs of older consumers.

Demographic evolution in the United States means that many millions of people will be reaching retirement age within the next decade.

Many of these people are uncomfortable with mobile technology or feel suspicious about it. Although many grandparents now use a cellphone to stay in touch with grandchildren on social media, that does not necessarily mean they trust mobile technology with their money.

There is, of course, a grain of truth to the assumption that mobile technology can be dangerous.

An unsecured mobile device is certainly more prone to being attacked and subverted by a hacker than a device of similar capabilities protected by the features of a hard-wired connection.

With all of this in mind, and considering that older people tend to have greater buying power than many of their younger counterparts, businesses should look very closely at using a highly trusted and reliable technology for credit card processing.

Although most consumers can’t explain exactly what ACH is or how it does what it does, the name recognition of ACH is much higher than many alternative credit card processing services and technologies.

ACH also has the benefit of operating seamlessly in the background, making it easy for consumers to trust. Because of the tremendous security of the ACH network, there has never been a significant service outage or hacking incident.

Next time you review your technology posture, be sure to leave a place in your strategy for the tried and true technology of ACH, which will soon be even faster than ever.

Posted in credit card processing on Mar 03, 2015