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Although millions of people do not own charge cards, they have, up until recently, been the only viable option when doing business remotely.  The ACH, or Automated Clearing House, has now made it possible to reach clients that use checks as their primary form of payment.  Internet, phone, and fax orders were previously only available to customers with credit cards which drastically limited the amount of potential clients.  By increasing payment options to accepting checks, you can now do business with people from all over the country.  Companies like National Processing make it both simple and cost-effective to expand your business by accepting checks from anywhere in the nation. The ACH is the clearing facility that electronic funds are routed to before landing in your bank account.  This system was set in place in order to keep up with the needs of online commerce.  Previously, a hard copy of the check was needed in order to deal with this form of payment.  Now accepting checks it is as simple as entering the customer's transit and routing number.  With this update, not only are you able to do business with a larger population of customers, but the process is also as simple as accepting charge cards. Without requiring a hard copy, there is no longer a need to send checks through the mail.  This is always a risky prospect for both the seller and the consumer.  For the customer, the danger of the check getting lost or into the wrong hands could mean either loss of funds or canceled check fees.  On the seller's end, trusting that someone has sent payment can result in bounced checks or not receiving payment altogether.  In comparison, credit cards have previously had a major leg up in this department as the account information was able to be verified at the time of the sale.  With ACH, check information is able to be collected, routed, and verified electronically, eliminating the need to wait for the check to arrive in your hands. Although using ACH to process checks still takes some time to allow the funds to clear, it is still a much safer and faster process than before.  For customers on the fence about making a purchase online, they are now offered an option that makes them comfortable.  For you as the business owner, this results in more customers and less fees.  Additionally, as credit cards often have high processing fees for the seller, checks just might end up becoming the preferred method of online payment. For more information please contact us at or 877-458-3323, Thanks.

Posted in ACH, Credit Cards, Uncategorized on Nov 02, 2009