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ACH Payment Processing – Thoughts about ACH Payment Processing

ACH payment processing is one of the easiest ways for individuals and businesses to transfer money. ACH is the network that handles the majority of electronic financial transaction in the United States. The network is governed by the Federal Reserve as well as the Electronic Payments Network. The rules that guide ACH are handled by NACHA. Anyone with a routing number and bank account can use the ACH network to credit or debit funds. Fund transfers happen in a variety of circumstances and are coded during the transaction so they can be easily organized and identified later.

The service and products offered through ACH payment processing are designed to help individuals and businesses thrive. The network is able to help clients get low interest rates and fees. Network staff can also help clients find the best type of financial service or product that suits client goals. Ultimately, the network is known for facilitating payments in secure batches. Transactions can be made orally or at virtual internet-based terminals, through websites, and in point of service situations like when purchasing gas. Transactions are processed very quickly. If a portion or all of transferred funds are not available immediately, they are usually accessible within a few hours.

To use ACH payment processing as a business tool, you need to set up a recognized merchant account. This gives you legitimacy and allows you to give and receive fund transfers online. Think about how many transactions you might be doing in a day, a week, a month or a year. These answers can affect the type of account you will operate. You might want and need to use a third-party payment processor or choose to transfer funds directly through your website. Either way, online business fund transfers can help your business thrive. Clients and buyers can purchase from you at any time of the day or night. All of your transactions are easily organized and search-able for later reference.

Your business can be increasingly productive if you are able to accept credit card purchases on line. ACH payment processing makes this easy and convenient for both you and your customers. The service is open to retail, wholesale, orders via phone and snail mail, and other commercial and e-commerce related businesses. Businesses that want to accept credit cards must have a merchant account where sale funds are routed and held before being transferred to personal business accounts. This is a protective, security measure meant to help both clients and business owners.

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Posted in ACH on Aug 25, 2010