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In the past couple of years major credit card companies have gotten together and come up with one set of conditions for online businesses who want to do credit card processing. Their hope was to help lessen their liability when it comes to dealing with sensitive information. While there is no way to completely safeguard themselves from fraudulence, they have created a way to get the maximum amount of protection with PCI Scanning.

Not only does PCI Scanning insulate credit card companies and credit card processing systems, but online companies can use it to their advantage. While doing your work and satisfying the PCI Data Security Standards, your company is constructing major hacker road blocks, and making major headway in safe guarding your website and ACH services. It is essential that you do your homework on the PCI Standards so that you are aware of how well protected your site is and whether you should take any further steps to make it secure. That said, for the most part, the protection that comes with PCI Certification offers is fairly comprehensive

For me, when I am shopping online, it always makes me anxious to buy something from a website I've never been to before. However, when there is a trust seal posted, and I know that the site has been verified by a third party, it makes me feel so much safer. After doing all this research, I know that I will never make a purchase from a site that is not PCI Certified, or at the very least, third party verified.

Aside from offering merchant processing protection for your business, another advantage that could come with PCI Scanning is more sales for you with online payment systems! ! If you've posted a seal that announces that you're PCI Certified, potential customers will know your company is taking their safety and security very seriously. When consumers feel safer about the about the online payment system, they are more trusting and they are more likely to buy something on your site.

PCI Scanning is definitely a huge investment of money and time, but it's well worth the trouble if you use it to your advantage!

Article written by: Cherie Bradley


Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 18, 2013