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Behind the Scenes at National Processing

For five years, National Processing has been delivering top of the line credit card and ACH processing services to hundreds and hundreds of business owners, both large and small. For a company that has been so successful at setting itself apart from the scads of other run-of-the-mill payment processors out there, I was quite surprised when my boss said that this week I was free to not write the usual technical stuff that is normally posted on our blog. I was told that I could write anything. I think he even used the word 'funny'. Hmm…sounds kind of risky if you ask me, especially when I think about the office Nerf gun shenanigans I witnessed recently. But then...that's really the genius of it all. My boss has created a company without reproach. There really isn't anything harmful or embarrassing that I could write, even if I did want to sabotage my career.

Here's why: National Processing knows that most merchants are in business because they have a product or service that they are excited about and that they want to share with the rest of the world. Most merchants who take credit card or online payments just want the payment process between themselves and their customers to be a convenient, invisible little perk to what’s about to be a great transaction for both parties involved. That's what they want. You’ll admire the simplicity of it all.

What they don't want is a merchant account that slices into their profit margin using a machete, especially when all they were shown at signing was a butter knife. They don't want to call with a question just to hear an automated answering system when a live person would have resolved their concerns much faster. And they certainly don't want to be stuck with a bad processing service simply because they are locked into a contract that they can't get out of. That just complicates things.

At National Processing, we know what merchants want and we care about how our services, software, pricing and personnel can deliver it to you. The better your processor, the more time you can invest in developing and promoting your amazing products and services and of course, your Nerf gun fighter skills.

Posted in ACH Processing, credit card processing, Credit Cards, Merchant Account, online payment processing, Payment Processing on Feb 28, 2013