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The Benefits Of Automatic Billing For You And Your Customers

The Benefits Of Automatic Billing For You And Your CustomersAutomatic billing can be a great tool when you have customers who pay again and again for a service or product. The benefits go both ways for both you as the retailer and for your customer too. Here’s a look at some of the ways that automatic billing can really help everyone in the end.


Automatic billing means that you no longer have to sit down each month a plot out new invoices. You can be ready to send them automatically and get paid. This results in a more organized business, and more time for you to take care of the things that you need to each month. Why not let your payments go on autopilot?

Faster Payment

When customers come to expect an invoice at certain intervals, they will be more likely to remember to pay it. This means less chasing them down each month to process a payment. They can do it automatically, or just have it setup to automatically charge their card. This results in less stress for you, and less forgetting on their part.

Less Late Fees

Clients will be happy that there are less late fees attached to their bill. If you are late getting the invoice out, leaving them only a small window of time to make their payment before the late fees start piling up, they may not be happy with you. With an automatic system, they know to expect the invoice on a certain date, and if they don’t pay it by the due date, the late fee is their mistake, not yours. If they pay it right away, they will learn quickly that they are not as likely to have to pay the late fees, which means you will get paid faster.

Cost Efficiency

If you don’t have the money that is owed to you, you may still have to pay for goods and services each month. If the bills haven’t been sent out, and the money not collected, you may not have enough funds in your account to cover your order. This can lead to late fees and penalties on your end too. An automatic billing system makes sense for making things on your end cost efficient for everyone.

Get your business in shape by finding a billing system that works for you. One that has the option to make recurring payments is definitely something to look for when considering different options. Make the right decision for you business and reap all the benefits.

Posted in Recurring Payments on Oct 04, 2016