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A Breakdown Of Payment Processing Options For Accountants

A Breakdown Of Payment Processing Options For AccountantsAs a financial professional, you already know that ACH is one of the most convenient, flexible, and powerful ways to collect payments in the United States.

However, when you’re looking for a payment processor, how can you break down the various inputs and get a better understanding of the potential ROI?

At National Processing, we want you to make the best decision for you, so let’s take the mystery out of selecting a processor by looking at the different options. ACH payment processing can include a number of different factors: -- Processing of payments by credit card (most common) and by check (very common). -- Processing of payments online, one of the most important factors for e-commerce sites. -- Soon, processing of “peer-to-peer” or “person-to-person” payments, including mobile. For each category of transaction that an ACH processor can service, the company assigns a specific fee. This can be a flat rate or it can be a percentage of the transaction. Understanding which processor might be best for you means answering several questions: -- Based on current sales and other trends, what is my company’s biggest payment category? -- Does the processor I am looking at offer acceptable rates coupled with excellent service? -- Might my company qualify for volume discounts or other incentives based on transactions? Getting a good handle on how an ACH processor meets your needs will typically involve looking at transactions over the last twelve or eighteen months. This gives you enough data to establish the general outlook for your company and how current trends might alter the picture over time. Measuring Intangibles When Dealing With Payment Processors While fees and services can provide a good idea of ROI on the financial side, there are other operational considerations to take into account. One of the differentiators of a great ACH processor is the ability to offer customized service whenever it is needed. Every ACH transaction has a slight transaction delay, which can run between three and five days. However, some ACH processors have implemented technology or procedures that can accelerate the process -- and the best are working toward instant ACH resolution. Last, but not least, don’t forget the importance of history and reputation. ACH transaction volume is growing by 3-5% per year and already represents more than $30 trillion in total transactions annually, so there are many newcomers to ACH processing. Make sure you understand the history of your ACH partner and where a company’s priorities lie.

Posted in ACH Processing, ACH Service, online payment processing, Payment Processing on Apr 22, 2014