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In order to understand why more and more businesses today are choosing Automated Clearing House or ACH over credit card processing, it’s important to know the difference between them.  Both of them involve the electronic transfer of funds which is preferred by individuals who do not want to use their cash or write checks for making purchases online or paying their monthly bills.  The primary difference is that ACH items withdraw funds from checking accounts while credit cards enable the individual to use borrowed money.

For all intents and purposes, many businesses and individuals prefer the ACH method for making purchases and paying bills.  Roughly 43% of all US households today have used an ACH system for paying their monthly utility bills.  It’s a safe bet that if your business establishes an account with an ACH process provider so that your customers can use this payment method, your customer base will begin to grow and your sales will increase.  Here are some things to consider regarding ACH payment processing.



Another benefit of using ACH payment processing is that the funds are available the day that the transaction occurs whereas credit card issuing companies place a temporary hold on the cardholder’s account when the transaction occurs.  In most cases, the merchant will have to wait 2 to 3 business days for the hold to be removed and the transaction to be completed.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that credit card processing and ACH processing are similar.  The reality is that ACH processing does not allow for real-time authorizations of transactions.  Instead, the funds are electronically transferred into a deposit account where they will remain for a specified time period.  Most importantly, the use of ACH processing enables your business to accept in-store, internet, or telephone payments.

Posted in ACH, credit card processing on Feb 07, 2014