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Cash Discount: Maximize your Residual

Want to maximize your profit potential…

and help your merchants save on processing costs at the same time?

When you set up your merchants on Cash Discount:

As a National Processing Sales Agent, you are partnered with one of the most trusted names in merchant services. With our Cash Discount program, you get:

Are your merchant prospects ready for Cash Discount?

During these unprecedented times small business owners have suffered tremendous financial losses and every penny saved goes a long way. Businesses are having to rethink their model, and they are doing some self-accounting as they try to pivot. They are open to trying new things, and anything that can be positioned as a long term way to save money will look attractive. This is an ideal time to highlight the benefits of a cash discount program to your merchant prospects.

Want to know more about our Cash Discount Program or learn more about our Sales Agent program?

You can learn more about our Sales Agent program at

Posted in Cash Discount, Cash Discount Program, Merchant Account, Merchant Card Services on Sep 29, 2020