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What Are Chargebacks?

In the business world, there are plenty of different aspects behind transactions and sales in general. Payment processing has become almost synonymous with doing business today, with its high level of convenience, ease of use, and excellent security. Some things carry over to it from other areas of business, and one of the most common questions regarding payment processing is just what chargebacks are and how they work.

Essentially, chargebacks are nothing more thanthe act of returning funds to a consumer. They're a way to settle a debt, and are usually used to reverse the removal of funds from aconsumer's bank account, credit card, or credit account. There are numerous reasons that chargebacks could be used in paymentprocessing including:

Examining chargebacks• Unauthorized charges • Identity theft • Fraud • Transaction disputes • Overcharges • Other errors associated with an account or with charges.

In today's electronic payment processing, consumers and businesses are both protected from these issues. If an unauthorized debit appears on a statement, they have 60 days to file a dispute. During this period of time, various steps are taken to determine the nature of the debit and how to settle the problem. When a chargeback is used, the funds will be placed back in the account of the entity that was debited erroneously.

Chargebacks are one of the key ways that modern payment processing helps provide a more secure, stable method of payment processing. Instead of having to comb through mountains of paperwork and sort through numerous files, the fact that today's processing is handled digitally means that it's very easy to quickly determine the source of a debit and its validity, as well as making it much faster to credit back the amount in dispute.

It's worth noting that in most cases the merchant or entity that was the source of the erroneous charge will be assessed a chargeback fee. As a result, most vendors will search for other courses of action to correct the problem before resorting to the chargeback. While it's an easy enough process to handle in most cases, it's usually a last resort.

Most people or businesses will never really have to deal with chargebacks due to the secure and efficient nature of this type of payment processing. But mistakes do happen from time to time, even with the most secure setups. When they do, it's good to know that they can be fixed promptly and without issue. Chargebacks are one way that this can be accomplished.

Posted in Online Payment Solutions, Payment Processing on Nov 20, 2013