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Check 21: Quick and Easy Way to Process Check Payments

Check 21 is one of the most well-known electronic fund transfer solution that you can add to your payment system. This is essentially an online checking system that allows businesses to process credit card and check transactions without the headaches. But this payment solution is not just about convenience. Using Check 21 will also reduce your total processing costs that may include card transmission and chargeback charges. To use this payment system, all you need to do is make a digital or virtual check to be drawn against your customers’ bank accounts. You will then request your bank for verification and when the check has been cleared, you get the funds in your own account. By not requiring paper checks, the Check 21 system eliminates the need for cleared checks to be returned to the bank account holder, who is none other than your customer. This payment method also allows you to remote deposit funds into your own merchant account. With remote deposit, you can simply scan images of your customers’ checks and then electronically deposit them into your account. Check 21 makes it possible for businesses like yours to credit payment from customers within the same business day that the digital checks are electronically deposited. In short, both you and your customers enjoy unprecedented convenience. Moreover, since Check 21 is electronically processed, merchants are also notified about returned items faster. Typically, within one business day, you will be informed about returned items, if any. Chargebacks are minimal because, to begin with, processing costs are lower than conventional payment methods. Compare that with the traditional paper-based payment processing, which can produce notifications on returned items only after seven days at the earliest. Needless to say, when you add Check 21 to your payment system, you also get easy access to important transaction data, payment status, and digital images of your customers’ checks. Indeed, Check 21 payment system is another electronic fund transfer system that exempts you from making trips to your bank and physically depositing the checks that you receive from your customers. And if you are concerned about the security of your payment transactions, you have nothing to worry about since all the transactions will be processed in a secured Internet-based platform. Check 21 removes paper checks from your business operations while giving you a better control of the funds that will be credited to your account. So what are you waiting for? Add a more efficient way to accept and deposit checks to your business now.

Posted in ACH, Checks, Uncategorized on Oct 29, 2009