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Check Processing Services – Saving Sales and Increasing Revenue

We are in the midst of what is referred to as the Internet Age. It is a time when most people are using online services to do their shopping, pay bills and achieve college degrees. Even though millions of people are taking steps to become paperless, there are still consumers who prefer to use checks to pay their bills. This is especially true when talking about in-person, point of sale purchases. If your business is still struggling with the traditional method of processing checks, you may want to consider using a company that specializes in check processing services. Accepting checks can be cumbersome for the retail store. In some cases, it is necessary if they want to encourage sales. There are many advantages to using check processing services. Most can offer organizations different options that will meet their volume and pricing needs. Remote deposit capture, which was made a legitimate part of the financial industry by the passing of the Check 21 Act, allows checks of all types to be deposited remotely. The service company you select can provide you with a check imager and software that ensures secure access to the proper gateway. Electronic Check Conversion (ECT) provided by check processing services makes it fast and easy to accept checks. The check is converted to a paperless format and moves funds from the consumers account to yours with the same security and speed that debit and credit card purchases use. This type of program eliminates the need to wait for the funds to be confirmed and clear before the transaction is completed, which can take several days. Returned checks and the fees that accompany them are removed, reducing much of the cost related to check acceptance. Once the customer’s information is entered into your point of sale system, authorization is received within seconds. During those few seconds, millions of records are accessed nationwide to confirm that funds are available and that there are no issues related to unpaid checks. This helps your business defend against fraud as well as reduces the fees that accompany non-sufficient funds. Swiping a debit or credit card for many people is the fast, convenient means to make their point of sale purchases. However, not all consumers are comfortable with that option. As a result, many still use checks to pay for purchases. Using check processing services provides security and protection to your business and decreases the time frame for settlement.

Posted in Check 21, Checks, Other on Jan 13, 2010