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Clover Mobile: Business On The Go

With more and more business evolving with the technological age, you need a system that can be as flexible as you are. With Clover Mobile, your business and everything you need to manage it and help it grow and be successful is available at your fingertips. Not only can you take many different types of payments, you also have access to Clover’s app store, which will enable you to access the ability to manage your inventory, scheduling, and discounts.

As well as apps that allow you to have more access to your business than ever before, Clover also offers additional software and accessories that help you meet any of your on-the-go business needs. They offer both their 2000 and Pro service plans depending on how in-depth you want or need to be with your business, as well as accessories like stands, belt printers, card readers and even holsters. So what can you do with Clover Mobile?

Payment Types

With Clover Mobile, you have the capability to accept a wide range of payment types, from contactless payments like the EMV chip, credit and debit cards.

Fraud Protection

Clover Mobile uses top-notch, industry leading fraud protection from TransArmor to keep the information of both you and your customers safe with ease. This allows you to conduct more transactions without worry that the information will somehow be leaked, and will keep your business booming and your customers happy.

Loyalty Cards

Clover makes it easy to set up loyalty cards to offer to your customers to keep them coming back, and help you attract new business. Loyalty cards allow you to connect with your customers and offer discounts, promotional deals, and even reward programs as incentive to keep bringing their business to you, rather than your competitors. Through loyalty programs, you build strong, lasting relationships with your customers.

Information Processing

Clover calls this their ‘Insightics Solution’ and provides an easy way for business owners to track their sales data, including what customers are buying, how well your business is performing, and even weather breakdowns to show how your business does in different conditions. This information allows you to really see into your business to help give you in-depth information into how to better market your business, and methods to help it flourish.

Clover Mobile is perfect for the business owner on the go, and many businesses find that when they increase their flexibility, their business will flourish because of it. Mobile is just a small fraction of what Clover has to offer the innovative businessperson; they also have solutions such as Clover Mini, Clover Station, and Clover Go to help you further optimize your business. No matter your business needs, you can be confident that Clover has a solution for you.

Posted in Product Education: Hardware on Mar 23, 2016