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Payment Electronic E-commerce Credit E-payment ConceptWhat Is The Clover System?

The Clover system is an all-in-one system designed specifically for POS that offers sleek, top notch hardware, and software to help you run your business more efficiently. With Clover, you also get a merchant account that enables you to keep up with all your business needs at the touch of a button, so you know how your business is doing at all time.


Clover offers hardware to fit any of your business needs. Whether you need a countertop POS system or a mobile POS system, they have something that is designed specifically to work for your point of sale. The hardware design is very new-age, sleek, and simple. Looks aren’t always enough, however, and they pair it with the ability to withstand any number of transactions you may take in a safe, secure way that will keep you up and running, and your customer’s happy.


The Clover system is cloud-based, meaning you can manage your business anywhere from your own computer without having to be present in the store. With this, they also offer two service plans for business: The 2000 Service Plan, and the Pro Service Plan.

With the 2000 Service Plan, you’ll be getting all the features of a typical card terminal, including the ability to accept and authorize credit and debit cards, cash, and even Apple Pay. You will be able to process refunds, manage tips, and give permissions to certain employees to access different parts of the system. This system features cloud-syncing so you can keep up with your business trends at home, and is available for Clover Mini and Clover Mobile.

With the Pro Service Plan, you get all the features of the 2000 Plan, alongside many more capabilities as well to help you manage your business as efficiently as possible. These extras include the ability to ring up orders, charge tax, apply discounts, and manage customers, too. This system is available for all of Clovers business solutions: Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Station, and Clover Go.

In addition to these service plans, Clover also enables business owners to personalize their system with their app market, allowing you to employ things such as loyalty programs for your customers, accounting, and data analytics.

Merchant Account

Your merchant account is what allows you to keep up with everything that goes on within the store, even if you aren’t able to be there physically. By accessing your merchant account and the cloud, you have access to the day’s sales, trends, and more.

Posted in Merchant Account, Merchant Card Services on Apr 05, 2016