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Credit And Debit Card Machines

Commercial transactions have always been hazardous for the merchant. Just two centuries ago, a typical merchant would suffer tremendous losses in his attempt to reach a profit. Many merchants never did reach a profit, and died penniless in poor houses or debtor's prisons. Thanks to technological progress, merchants of today have far less to fear than their counterparts did ages ago. Growing pluralities of transactions take place online, where the customer and the merchant often never meet face to face. The majority of transactions, however, take place offline in supermarkets, grocery stores, malls, and the like. This means that merchants still need a way to protect themselves from risk, such as the risk of a transaction being fraudulent.

Credit and debit card machines are a great way to mitigate risks. Portable debit card machines are quite popular with merchants of all types. Some machines are so small they can even be carried in pockets. Such machines are common for what is known as point-of-sale (POS) purchases. Of course, customers are used to card machines already. What they fail to understand is portable card machines are run remotely; they do not need to be plugged in and stationary in order to work.

These machines provide peace of mind to both customers and merchants because of the ease of transactions. Customers no longer have to worry about employees copying their personal information, as they did when credit cards had to be swiped and copied. Merchants, in turn, no longer have to worry about customers filing complaints against them because the transaction can be carried out in the customer's presence. Merchants have an added benefit: portable card machines also decrease the cost of doing business.

A credit and debit card machine can also be set up through a laptop computer if the need arises. Software can be purchased that allow the computer to be converted into a point-of-sale device. Once that is taken care of and a credit card swiper is hooked up to the computer, business can begin. This is an attractive option for small businesses fearful of expanding because of potential higher costs. If a printer is also installed then receipts can be printed out for customers.

POS purchases with portable credit and debit card machines can be made anywhere in the world. The
opportunities for businesses and customers have been expanded, and we all will benefit as a result.

Posted in business opportunity, credit card processing, Payment Processing on Apr 01, 2010