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In 2014 many businesses often try to keep ease and convenience for customers in mind, as great customer service is one of the top ways to gain new business and retain existing customers. Credit card processing that is simple and straightforward is just one part of offering convenience to consumers because credit and debit cards are used so widely today. Having this convenience available also benefits the company itself. By accepting all types of monetary transactions, it may help keep a business afloat. According to Business Insider, BI Intelligence estimates that here will be $4 trillion in total credit card transactions this year.

Another benefit of accepting credit cards for a business is that they are also available to mobile customers, increasing their potential sales and customer-base. Companies have the option to offer their products online and sell to anyone in any location.

Businesses and credit card processing fees

To offer credit card transactions, a business must go through a credit card processing company. It is vital to choose a provider with a proven track record and straightforward policies so that there are no unforeseen issues.

All credit card processing companies charge a fee to process the transactions that come in from a business. These may also be referred to as account fees, payment gateways, or statement fees. They are made up of merchant discounts, which are the base cost of transaction fees charged by the credit card company themselves (i.e. – Visa or Mastercard) and the markup that is charged by the processing company. Businesses should make sure that the majority of the merchant discount is the base charge before choosing a processing company.

While fees aren’t always enjoyable to pay, it is worth the added convenience that it can bring for both a business and their customers. It is also simple to add these fees into product or service pricing so that margins remain where they need to be in order for a company to make a profit. Keep in mind that the most simple of processing options such as portable swiping tools, typically boast the most costly fees.

Types of Fees

There are many types of fees from monthly, to flat rates, to pay-as-you-go options. National Processing offers monthly and pay-as-you go plans. There is a low flat monthly rate in our monthly plan, with a lower percentage charged per transaction compared to the pay-as-you go plan. ACH or debit card transactions are on a monthly plan. We will always work with businesses to beat the fees of other processing companies.

Choosing the plan that is right for you

We make it efficient and uncomplicated for businesses to be able to accept credit card transactions with no hidden agendas, fees, or complications. We will work with you to help you determine which is the best plan for you, based on the volume of transactions and the income or potential income of the business.

Don’t allow credit card processing fees to be something that deter you from accepting all types of transactions. Your business and your bank account will thank you for it. Seek out the best options that meet your needs and contact us to see how we can beat the rates of other processing companies.

Posted in credit card processing, Credit Cards on Aug 05, 2014