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Does Your Business Need Credit Card Terminals?

When considering the purchase of a credit card terminal, an important decision to make is, do you need such a device in your business? Once you have determined that there is a real need in your business for the device, you will then shop around for different models and features, and it will be wise to carefully consider all that are available before deciding on the one that will suit your business' needs.

Many options are available to you if you are looking to use a credit card terminal for your business. The more popular brands are Nurit, Hypercom and VeriFone. These terminals are classified in five different groups.

Dial-up Credit Card Machines

The most common terminal type is the standard dial up, which utilizes the phone lines. It is an enduring favorite and a popular model is the Nurit 2085.

IP Based Terminals

Another terminal type is the IP based kind, which is quite like the dial up model, but instead of being used through the phone lines, transactions are processed over the Internet. The rate of processing is much faster and a good model of this kind of terminal is a VeriFone VX 610.

Wireless Card Terminal

Yet another terminal type is referred to as a wireless credit card, which again is similar to the dial up type but, instead of operating over a phone line, it operates over a wireless network connection. This kind of terminal is frequently used by businessmen and big traders and examples of this kind of terminal are the CDMA and the GPRS.

Another type of credit card terminals is wireless way systems, which are just a little unlike the wireless terminals. They include a cell phone that is utilized for the transmission of information and data through wireless devices such as a printer. These must be well coordinated for the best working results. Examples of this type of device are Way System 1581 and Way System 1531.

Virtual Terminal

The last terminal type is computer software. Though this is not commonly used, the computer can be used for the processing of transactions. In order for this processing to be possible, a printer and a magnetic card are needed. However, in place of using software, an internet connection can be utilized just as well.

These are the different types of credit card terminals that are available on the market for the processing of your business needs. Research can be done on the Internet to find merchant sources for the different processing types, and to get additional information you may require.

Posted in Product Education: Hardware on Apr 08, 2010