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Email Invoicing Is A Convenient Way To Pay

Email Invoicing Is A Convenient Way To PayIf you run a business-to-business enterprise, or any other type of business where you can bill your customers indirectly and do not require payment on the spot, then consider the use of an e-mail invoice as way to handle your payment processing. It means a great deal of convenience for both you and your customer and has the virtue of providing an easy reference and record for both of you to keep for your record/financial archiving purposes.

Interactive Billing

Unlike a regular invoice which is sent through the mail and then requires an additional step from a customer to act on their own in order to complete a payment, email invoices are much more convenient. It’s possible to include the required payment processes as part of your email when you bill a customer.

This means that once they receive the invoice and decide to pay it, they only need to take the additional step of clicking on the indicated area within your invoice to begin the payment process. On your end, this kind of automation means that when a client uses this system to pay you, your own system automatically notes the reception of payment, meaning there’s less to do on your side as well when it comes handling and recording payments.

Secure & Fast

One of the nice things about using this method is that when properly implemented, this means that both you and the client enjoy a secure form of payment that doesn’t expose either party to any vulnerabilities or data breaches. It also means that the payments occur quickly, since clients or customers can deal with the owed amount the moment they read the invoice.

When you combine this with other forms of payment processing, such as using an ACH system to collate your total payments, you can enjoy an efficient, paper-free system that is easy to manage.

Posted in Payment Processing on Feb 21, 2017