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Most retail websites today offer their customers the convenience of being able to use their credit cards when making their purchases.  It’s important to remember that when you are in the process of launching a new business site, finding an affordable and reliable credit card processor (processing gateway) is vital to your start-up.  Despite the different e-payment solutions that have been introduced to retailers, credit cards are still the preferred purchasing medium that nearly all consumers go to when shopping online.

Whether you are a first-time retail entrepreneur or a veteran online retailer, the security of your customer’s purchases should be your primary concern.  Many consumers are still leery about using their credit cards when shopping online for this reason.  So ensuring that your customer’s purchases are always secure is vital to the operation of your website.  With the billions of dollars that change hands over the internet every year, cyber criminals cannot resist the temptation of committing fraud and stealing consumer identities.

credit card on a scale with moneyConsumers today are more educated than ever before and they are well aware of the consequences of having their personal information stolen.  So as a retailer, credit card security should be your biggest concern if you want your customers to have peace of mind when purchasing products or services from you.  The best way to ensure that all customer purchases are safe and secure is to use a security tool known as “encryption” whenever credit card payments are being processed.

Additionally, you can purchase a Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificate which is used by retail websites to protect secure information from being stolen by cyber criminals and identity thieves.  If you are just starting out with an eCommerce site, you should consider purchasing a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate to ensure maximum security.  This assures all consumers that your website is safe and secure and has received security verification from a trusted authority.  Most website hosting companies sell these certificates, but other companies such as GoDaddy,, and VeriSign sell SSL certificates as well.

A padlock icon will usually be displayed in one of two locations on all websites that have received this security verification.  In most cases, the padlock will be found in the address bar or in the web browser window’s lower right hand corner.  If your customers have to log in to your site and enter sensitive information prior to checking out and completing their purchase, this will ensure that their transaction is safe and secure.

Posted in credit card processing, Credit Cards, Online Payment Solutions on Dec 05, 2013