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High Volume Merchants Need Specialized ACH Processing Services

High Volume Merchants Need Specialized ACH Processing ServicesWhen it comes to the ACH industry, many companies are focusing on small business. Small business is one of the most lucrative frontiers in the world of payment processing, since many small merchants consider credit card processing to be beyond their grasp.

Of course, it is very important that small and mid-sized enterprises get the services they need to thrive. However, high volume merchants can also encounter challenges when it comes time to start processing credit card payments, checks, and e-commerce payments.

Most ACH processing companies develop a fee schedule that pays them a certain percentage of each transaction a customer makes. When you approach many newer ACH processors, you will find that these fees have a tendency to rise with a greater transaction volume.

As transaction volume increases, the ACH processor needs to use more of its network resources to verify and protect a customer’s transactions. However, servicing a high volume merchant also benefits the ACH processor significantly.

That being the case, high volume merchants should not settle for a bad deal!

Finding The Right ACH Processor For A High Volume Merchant

At National Processing, we want to be the ACH processor you look to regardless of the size of your business. However, we know that large merchants have special needs. You deserve to make a completely informed decision!

Let’s review some of the issues we discuss most frequently with our customers from high volume companies:

1) High Volume Merchants Deserve Personalized Services

ACH processing is quick, efficient, and easy. However, there is always the chance some issue might arise. If there is a problem with service or a transaction that needs to be investigated, large enterprises should expect prompt, courteous service from real experts.

2) High Volume Merchants Should Get Customized Fee Schedules

For small and mid-sized businesses, ordinary fee schedules can make a great deal of sense. That said, these fee schedules don’t always “scale up” for the needs of a high volume merchant, whether the transactions are large or small. Demand custom service for your business.

3) High Volume Merchants Deserve A Processor With A Reputation As Strong As Theirs

With a high rating from the Better Business Bureau and a large number of industry connections, National Processing is fully prepared to support major national brands with a level of quality that matches their own.

If you want customized service for a large enterprise, call National Processing today. Our experts are standing by to discuss your concerns.

Posted in ACH on May 15, 2014