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Online ShoppingIf you’ve decided that starting an online business is the right thing for you, and you cast your mind fondly back on your own online shopping experiences, than a “Drop Shipping Site” might be the ideal jumping off point. Drop Shipping is a recent, emerging business model that has only become possible thanks to the globalized world we live in, and the presence of the Internet. It means that you, as a business merchant, do not actually stock the products that you sell. Instead, when someone buys a product from you, you refer to your third party supplier—usually some kind of wholesaler—who will then fulfill the order on your behalf.

Of course, one of the big things to keep in mind is that because this is an attractive idea, a lot of people are attempting the very same thing. So what can you do to distinguish your Drop Shipping site from all the others?


Care About Your Website

In the 21st century, your website is your storefront. This is the first thing that will greet a potential shopper, and so everything about it, from the typeface you use, to the layout of your buttons and interface is going to affect and inform the shopping experience. In the same way that you, as a shopper would not repeat visit a shoddy store with poor atmosphere and service, the same is even more important in the finicky world of online shopping where users can simply click away to another alternative. A website that is easier, faster and more pleasant to use and interact with is going to get bookmarked and repeatedly visited by people that don’t have the patience for navigate a difficult shopping experience.


Concentrate On Customer Service & Satisfaction

The thing that will make shoppers return to your website is how they feel at the end of the experience. Prices can play a factor in some shopping decisions, but, realistically, this a price war with other Drop Shippers that isn’t a battle you want to fight. Pricing can get increasingly cutthroat and margins can go from slim to non-existent if you try to distinguish yourself on price alone. Instead, make sure you are knowledgeable about the products you are selling. Inspire confidence in your customers, and let them know that you care just as much about them as the products you offer.


Be Diligent In Sourcing Suppliers

Wholesalers, resellers and other potential suppliers can obviously be found on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean that finding them—or even finding the very good ones—is easy. These are “business to business” enterprises, they don’t deal with consumers, and as such, aren’t oriented toward consumer utility or aggressive marketing. These are not companies that ever had to worry about making a good customer impression, so their websites may be out of date, and they rarely keep up with the latest SEO practices to make sure they float to the top of a Google search. But not being search friendly is not necessarily a testament to the quality of their products. Remember, something doesn’t have to be easy to find in order to be good, and many times, the best gems are the hidden ones.

Posted in online payment processing on Oct 20, 2015