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How We Compare with Square

Yet again, Square has implemented a change to its pricing. They previously assessed a 2.75% fee on all in-store transactions. When Square first started up, they charged a flat $275 monthly fee. This was great for small businesses but then they changed their pricing to the 2.75% fee. Then, they changed their pricing again to 2.6% plus a 10-cent fee per transaction. This means that for a $10 transaction, the fee is now 36 cents instead of 27.5 cents. However, this change is not just for new clients. Clients that have already signed up with Square are also being assessed this new fee. 

Some of these clients may be asking a few serious questions: When will they change their fees again? Can it truly be considered transparent pricing if Square changes the fees whenever they feel the need to “cover costs”? What if my business needs something different than the rest of Square clients?

At National Processing, we have transparent pricing posted on our website.  We will never charge any hidden fees and we offer several different options for diverse types and sizes of businesses. Our experts have been in the industry for years. They are committed to saving retailers money on their payment processing needs. We can provide a free, transparent cost analysis to help save your business the most money possible.

Square assumes all its clients are the same and therefore they only have one set fee for everyone. National Processing will work with you to find the best payment processing solution for you and your business. And we will do our absolute best to help you save money. If we can’t save you money, we will give you a $500 Visa gift card. How’s that for a promise? 

Posted in ACH on Jan 06, 2020