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How We Compare with Square pt. 2

Before ever deciding on which processing company to go with, National Processing always encourages its clients to do their research to find the company that will work best for them. That is because we are sure that we can beat out the competition. One way to find out how a company compares to others is by reading reviews that clients of those companies have written. This is unfortunate advice for Square because they have had many bad reviews. Just looking at the reviews for the app shows how unreliable a service it is. And one major complaint is terrible customer service. Many people are highly unsatisfied with the slow turnaround of complaints and issues that occur when using the Square platforms.

One thing that National Processing takes immense pride in is our exceptional customer service. Because we provide such excellent customer service, you can read several fantastic reviews about us all over the internet. We have been BBB accredited since 2008 and have many positive reviews on the BBB site as well. In 2016, a customer named Jackson said this about our company on the BBB website:

“Fantastic company. Willing to go the extra mile for any business in need of their services. I recommend them to anyone who needs a processor. You won’t be disappointed with these guys.”

We really are willing to go the extra mile for our customers. If you ever need anything, our team of experts is available all day, every day for your support. If there is a problem with your system, we will work quickly to get it resolved. We know that your time is important and for you to be successful, you need a processing system that works. We know that there may be hiccups along the way and we are prepared to help with those whenever they happen. A few months ago, we had a review from a new customer on Google Reviews. She said this about our customer service:

“After much research, I chose this company for card processing for my new startup because of their high customer service ratings. I have not been disappointed. In fact, I've been very impressed. A small issue came up soon after opening my account and it was dealt with quickly and generously. Glad I chose National Processing.”

We are so glad that this customer researched several companies before choosing National Processing. Customer service is important to our clients and so it is important to us as well. So, if you are thinking of using a service like Square for your business, we encourage you to investigate it thoroughly. See what other people are saying before making your decision. Then, hopefully, you will see that our exemplary customer service is a step above the rest, and you will decide to choose us. We look forward to working with you and providing you with all your processing needs.

Posted in credit card processing, Payment Processing on Feb 21, 2020