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Mobile Payments. Man holding phone.Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off, and you have a brand new company you’re ready to launch. Maybe you are a florist, ready to open your own shop. Or maybe you are an engineering firm, with a great new set of products ready for production. But are you prepared to handle payment? Bloomberg asserts that 8 out of 10 new businesses will fail within the first 18 months. Poor planning accounts for many of those failures. Do you have answers to the following questions?

You could work with your local bank, and write and receive checks out of your own personal checking account, but that would only work for a limited amount of time. And your business is good enough that you want to be prepared for growth. Is there an easy way to handle all these payments while still keeping them secure?

There is an easy way to handle payments – a payment processing company. Simply put, these companies help to process large batches of credit, debit, ACH and check payments. They can also help with payroll, automatic deductions, products to help prevent fraud, and host of other potential headaches for a small business owners. A secure system can facilitate growth by making it easy and safe for customers to purchase products from you. The big online retailers can tell you just how easy it is for customers to utilize a merchant payment plan – it’s just one click away.

A reputable payment processing company offers you a merchant account so you can accept credit and debit cards, and an online payment system. The company will streamline the transaction process, and can do so without the large fees that credit card companies charge for each transaction. As you grow, you will want to be able to utilize on-line payments. Payment processing companies can help customize the solutions for you. They won’t lock you into a lengthy contract, and they will work with you to ensure you have the level of financial transaction processing that you need.

Posted in ACH on May 19, 2015