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If you're designing your first online store, always think of conversion (for retail: sales) as your main goal. The usual elements of design and website usability must be consider. This includes the right color combination, use of a call to action for purchase, use of product photos and easy site navigation.

Once you've got the basic elements down pat and are satisfied with the look and feel of your site, complement it with good copywriting to establish a solid brand and a clear and unique selling proposition.

Finally, it's time to consider adding special features, such as a credit card processing system, to enhance your site and increase conversion.

We hope you find these tips helpful in designing your first online store and merchant processingaccount. There are eCommerce solutions available online that would help you build your online store without the hassle. is an example of a website that provides the full service for online merchants and and merchant processing. Let National Processing help you connect with product suppliers and dropshippers and decide what add-on services you need for your website.

Article written by: Jade-ceres Dolor


Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 18, 2013