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Is Your Credit Card Processing Up To Date?

 Is Your Credit Card Processing Up To Date?Credit card processing is a convenient and popular way for retailers—both physical and online!—to have a fast, easy way to handle transactions. It even provides easy to access financial records for both the retailer and the customer in order to save time when tracking financial activities. But just how secure is your credit card processing system? Do you have the latest devices and technologies to minimize the threat of credit card fraud?


PIN Numbers Are A First Line Of Defense

  At the physical retail level, one of the safest things a merchant can do is ensure that the terminals used to handle credit card transactions have the ability to take PIN codes, or personal identification numbers from credit cards. While this is not yet a universal occurrence in the USA, several major banks now do offer credit cards similar to those in other regions, like Europe and Canada that have PIN numbers assigned. This simply means that a credit card that requires a PIN code be inputted before the transaction goes through, and for someone that has stolen a credit card, this now means it’s impossible to illegally conduct a transaction with the card alone. So while not all credit cards will be enabled with that added layer of PIN security, you can further protect yourself against credit card fraud by ensuring that you have a terminal that can process PIN enabled credit cards. Always remember that one of the biggest motivations to commit fraud is because it is deemed easier and requires less effort than other crimes. All you have to do to discourage being victimized by these crimes is put preventive measures in place that make it difficult. And don’t be afraid to hesitate on suspicious transactions, like someone attempting to buy everything in your store right up to the credit limit!

Posted in credit card processing, Credit Cards, Payment Processing on Aug 30, 2018