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Keep Your Sales On Point With A Poynt Smart Terminal

National Processing is extremely happy and proud to announce a new partnership with Poynt, a company that is dedicated to making both the merchant and shopper experience faster, easier and more convenient. Your payment processing options are about to get more streamlined and easier to manage than ever with the Poynt Smart Terminal, and we’re excited to make it available to our existing customers and new clients who come our way!

The Future Of Money

A Poynt smart terminal is more than just another point of sale device you need to manage in addition to all your others means of processing payment. Depending on your needs and arrangements, the Poynt smart terminal may just end up being the payment processing device that replaces all your other devices, and puts everything in one, easy to reach place. For many merchants, if there’s a need to handle a cash purchase, that means doing the transaction on the cash register and possibly using another device to read a bar code if the product in question has one. If a customer is paying through a debit or a credit card, there’s usually another payment processing device to handle these transactions as well, or even multiple devices if older mechanisms don’t support both magnetic strips and cards with chips embedded in them. And if customers want to use virtual wallet that’s on their phone or tablet, ANOTHER device may be required in order to handle the NFC and fund transfer protocols of Apple and Android devices. That’s a lot of different devices all to do the same thing; transfer funds from a customer to you.

All In One Poynt

The most important thing that the Poynt smart terminal does is take ALL of these different transactions and consolidate them in one device. If that’s all the Poynt device did, we’d still be happy to recommend it to merchants, but it doesn’t just stop there. The terminal has all the connections you need to attach it to other mechanisms in your outlet, so it can be connected to your cash register, your printer, or, if you don’t need any of that, be fully mobile, so it can be brought over to tables for dining situations. If you want even more versatility, the Poynt smart terminal can be networked with additional, smaller “Poynt 5” devices so that you can keep the smart terminal centrally located while other devices do the same thing. The smart terminal also sports two screens, a large touch screen for the user, and an additional smaller screen for customers if you’re keeping the device stationary on a counter. This means that the screen can be used both for familiar touch-based navigation, but the device itself can also be configured to display whatever you need it to on the screen, whether it’s time for you to ring in a payment yourself, or hand the device over to a customer to handle their own debit or credit transfer. If you’re convinced that there’s got to be a better way to quickly handle your transactions during a business day, you’re right. And we can help you get it with the Poynt Smart Terminal.

Posted in Product Education: Hardware on Jan 03, 2017