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Make Merchant Processing Simple And Powerful With Foundry POS

Make Merchant Processing Simple And Powerful With Foundry POSThe world today is full of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and web connectivity is available almost everywhere. People can get online to research projects, keep in touch with friends or family members, and they even utilize the technology for shopping. While there has been a shift in purchasing over the years, with many people giving their business to online retailers, it is vital for organizational owners to remember not to neglect their on-site customers.

These patrons are equally as critical to the company's success, and they must be allowed to use their preferred payment methods. Failing to give a consumer options often results in them seeking out another establishment that is better suited to meet their needs. In turn, your sales and profits will decline. Protect your assets and set your business apart from the rest with Foundry POS.

What Is Foundry POS?

Foundry POS is an innovative Android tablet-based point of sale software suite that is an ideal solution for both small and medium-sized businesses alike. The hardware features a simple plug & play design that is easy to setup and use. It comes equipped with a 13-inch touchscreen that makes reading and choosing options a cinch. The unit also includes an integrated bar code scanner and cash drawer that ensure you have everything needed to complete transactions. This device is even contactless as it is compatible with apps like ApplePay, Samsung Pay, etc. The equipment is sleek, stylish, and perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to your counter. However, not everything should be about aesthetics, and software features need to be taken into consideration as well. Foundry POS accepts all payment types, so owners can rest assured that they never have to turn business away. A lot is riding on an institution's bottom line, which is why this factor is important, as it can help increase sales and profitability. Additionally, all of the software updates are free, so the system is always up-to-date. Modifiers and favorites can be attached as needed to create a personalized user experience. It even allows receipts to become customized for added convenience. Do some research to discover more highlights for yourself, and when you are ready, contact our merchant processing company to find out more about Foundry POS.

Posted in Merchant Card Services, Payment Processing on Jun 21, 2018