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Increasing your sales conversions and profits online is something that all small businesses should be focusing on.  By making your online payments easier for your website customers, you will be able to accomplish your business goals.  Here are some suggestions on how to make the payment process easier on the customer when they are purchasing your products or services.

Avoid redirecting your customers – You’ve invested a lot of your time and money into getting customers to visit your website and purchase their products or services from you.  So you don’t want to redirect them to a different site for making their payments.  This is a common complaint of customers who use PayPal to process their payments. • Customers should not be required to have an account in order to make a purchase – To some consumers, this to be a major hassle, especially if they are only purchasing one or two items.  Forcing your customers to open an account is very intrusive and offensive in some cases. • Errors should be corrected with a quick fix solution – Customers will make mistakes, but they shouldn’t be punished for it.  It’s not uncommon for them to enter the wrong zip code or forget the i>“@”</i symbol in their e-mail address.  Identify those errors in red so that the customer can spot their mistakes easier and then correct them. • Install a simple-to-use design – From the standpoint of product or service branding, the consumer looks for consistency.  You should use the same colors, design, fonts, and layout that you use on all of your other webpages. • Provide your customers with different payment methods – Although this just makes common sense, you would be surprised at the number of online merchants who only offer one type of payment method.  This doesn’t mean that you have to provide every payment option available, but having more than one definitely helps.

tablet with business words.It’s very easy to apply to payment processors such as ClickBank or PayPal, install them on your website, and consider yourself finished and ready for the sales to start rolling in.

Unfortunately, not every customer has one of these payment methods so you need to provide them with more convenience when it comes to them making their purchases.  If you are truly focused on conveniences that you can offer your customers, you need to have full control over this process.  You’ll make it easier for your website customers, while increasing your revenues and profits in the process.

Posted in online payment processing on Dec 03, 2013