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Merchant Card Services – Processing Options and Methods

Merchant card services can help your business increase revenue by expanding your customers’ payment options and simplify the back office operations. Full featured solutions enable you to accept gift cards and electronic checks in addition to debit and credit cards. There are many benefits for a business with physical locations to be able to process credit cards on-site. Customers have the flexibility to pay with the method that is most convenient for them. It provides the opportunity to introduce your business to a new market segment, which will help it grow. Card processing is also efficient and fast.

Instead of taking seven to ten days to complete a transaction and have the funds deposited into the proper account, it may take one to two days. Gift cards and pre-paid card programs can provide new revenue streams, increasing the profits generated. In many cases merchant card services also provides check protection. This will help you limit the risk your business is exposed to if a bad check is used. Depending on the type of business, there may also be features available specifically for your industry. For example, if your business operates online, a payment gateway will be needed.

Gateways can be easily integrated into an existing shopping cart. In some cases the secure certificate is included in the price. For physical locations such as restaurants and retail locations, point-of-sale terminals are the preferred way to process payments. Checks, debit and credit cards can be swiped through the terminal or keyed in manually. Depending on the vendor selected for your merchant card services, you may or may not be required to purchase new equipment when you change vendors. In some cases the terminals are leased and are returned when the contract expires. For fully mobile businesses there are options to process credit cards wirelessly or via telephone.

For phone transactions, all pertinent information can be entered via the keypad. To accept payment on the spot and provide the customer with a receipt, there are some merchant card services packages that include wireless credit card processing. The unit is small and lightweight. Cards can be swiped immediately. Choosing a provider can be difficult. It is important to decide what types of services will best suit your needs. Selecting a provider based on price alone may hinder your ability to collect payments and not be flexible enough to help your business grow and profit.

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