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Payment Solutions for Property Management

Estate AgencyToday’s property management teams are dealing with a very competitive market. When it comes to getting leads, turning these leads into interested calls, then turning calls into visits and leases, they’re competing with various other property management teams to create the most welcoming and accommodating environment for their prospective residents. With merchant solutions for property management, you can have a leg up on the competition, as you provide easier payments and easier payment methods for those you’re looking to attract or retain. We at National Processing know how important it is to come out on top, and how much this advantage can mean to those who are looking for an accommodating new residence.

With merchant solutions, property management teams will be able to take payments in the form of a credit card or debit card as well as recurring payments which allow residents to make their payments how they feel most comfortable.

In our increasingly electronic world, this is the way that many wish to pay, and giving them the option to use this payment method to take care of rent payments each month can bode well for both the residents and the management team together. When residents can pay how they wish to pay, they’re more likely to pay on time, and this allows property management teams to better receive rent payments in a diligent, prompt, and easy fashion. If a resident leads a busy life, it can be deceptively easy to simply forget to write the check at the end of the month, but a recurring payment on a credit or debit card will allow the payment to be paid without a second thought. The resident is left happy knowing they have one less thing to worry about, and the management team is left happy knowing they have received the payment they require on time. The classic checkbook is beginning to become somewhat outdated, and many simply use a check card or credit card, as well as online payment methods, to cover expenses that may have once called for writing out a check. By incorporating merchant solutions into a property management payment system, you can keep up with the times and provide the people with just what they want, as they appreciate the convenience they are offered. When it comes to property management, staying on top of what the people want is key, and merchant solutions can allow you to do this in a way that is pleasing for the property management team and the residents they are looking to impress!

Posted in Other on Aug 10, 2015