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In 2002, Heinz decided that getting ketchup out of a bottle didn’t need to be quite as infuriating as it was and thus they introduced the upside down ketchup bottle.  As a result, not only are we consuming 78% more ketchup, but we’re happy to do it!

Five years following this condiment revolution, another keen businessman, Wayne Hamilton, decided that payment processing likewise did not have to be so maddening and thus created NATIONAL PROCESSING. Since then business has doubled every year for Wayne and his growing team at NATIONAL PROCESSING  and as a result, hundreds and hundreds of merchants across America are now enjoying easy, affordable processing services with a personal touch.ketchup charge

Our team of friendly consultants have extensive experience in the payment industry and can help you find the right payment solutions for your mobile, online, or in-store credit card needs as well as ACH and electronic check services.  Our user-friendly software and equipment make accepting payments a breeze whether you are a seasoned merchant or a brand new business owner.

Call today and let us walk you through your options. We would be happy answer any of your questions.

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