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With The New Year Around The Corner, Time To Look Closely At Your Financials

With The New Year Around The Corner, Time To Look Closely At Your FinancialsIt’s November, and you know what that means -- Christmas shopping.

More salient for business owners, however, is that it’s time to take a look at company financials and dig down into the opportunities that could be arising in the new year.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself, no matter what the size of your business or what industry you might be in:

  1. “Am I Poised To Take Advantage Of New Technology?” While there are plenty of “disruptive” payment technologies lurking out there, most of them hold one key factor in common: They are compatible with ACH. There’s a lot of hype surrounding some of the newer ideas in payment, but the trusted core of most of them will remain the same. Speaking of which ...
  2. “Are My Customers At Ease Buying From My Company?” While some private payment processing options like to claim a large market share, the truth is that most people don’t want to have to sign up for an account or sign in to a special website to make a payment. With ACH, they can feel confident in the security of your payment process, which naturally leads to bigger sales and more return business.
  3. “Am I Getting A Good Deal When It Comes To Payment Processing?” Not all ACH payment processors are created equal. While the biggest factor that you could scrutinize is probably the percentage the processor takes out of each payment, there are also other factors to be aware of -- like technical support and customer service, for example. The end of the year is the best time to switch processors, since it minimizes business impact.
  4. “Is My Payroll Process As Efficient As It Could Be?” ACH isn’t just a customer-facing technology: It can also empower your financial organization to be faster and more effective. ACH brings with it a tremendous amount of automated record-keeping to make compliance much easier. Plus, it is so rock solid and reliable that the average employee can definitely notice the improvement.

When you have questions about how to strengthen your financials, it’s a good idea to get an expert perspective from the outside. At National Processing, we’ve helped businesses just like yours achieve more.

To learn more about ACH and how it can help build your business, just call or email our team today. Our dedication to great customer service means we are always standing by to answer your questions.

Posted in ACH Processing on Nov 25, 2014