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Online Check Payments-How to Reach Untapped Customers

Gaining popularity as an online payment method, online check payments play an important part in reaching more customers. Although charge cards are still the most popular form of online payment, checks still make up a large percentage of traditional payments. There are still millions of individuals that do not own credit cards. Therefore, a significant amount of the population has online purchasing needs that are not being met. Luckily, companies such as National Processing are changing that.

It is now easier than ever to accept online check payments. Both you and your clients end up benefiting from this addition. Seamlessly integrating with online shopping carts that you may have already set up, you can now conduct business with more customers. You even have the option of taking the client's account information over phone or fax entering the information yourself. This is a good alternative to be able to offer in case someone does not have direct access to the internet.

Beyond the ability to reach more clients, you can benefit from accepting checks in other ways as well. Charge cards often require a significant fee per transaction. This fee is sometimes even higher if the card is not preset at the time of the sale. The cost associated with accepting checks is often lower. Online check payments also cut down on the time and cost it takes to process the hard copy of the check. They also do not require you to go to the bank to make a deposit and, as they are processed electronically, they are deposited more quickly into your bank account. Waiting for a check that may, or may not, be in the mail is now a thing of the past. Additionally, there are even ways to verify that an account is valid and has sufficient funds before the transaction goes through. This is good news for any business owner that has ever dealt with a bad check.

The way in which online check payments work is that the account transit and routing numbers are entered into a program and then sent out electronically to be verified. If all reports come back positive, the transaction goes through. Then the funds are withdrawn and held for a short period of time before being deposited into your account. With this method, the customer no longer has to worry about checks getting lost in the mail or falling into the wrong hands. Those who previously shied away from online shopping can feel secure with their new ability to make purchases with your company.

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Posted in Check 21, Checks, online payment processing, Online Payment Solutions, Other on Nov 11, 2009