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Accepting online credit card orders, with your credit card merchant account, is a must for everyone who runs an E-business. If you do not accept credit card orders you could lose 85% of your potential orders. But accepting credit cards online often look like an impossible process for many merchants to figure out.

Obtaining a real (non third party) merchant account for business is usually the best and most professional option to add credit card processing functionality website shopping carts. A Merchant account is a special account that you have with a financial institution in order to do credit card processing. Even if you already accept credit cards for your offline transactions, that may not be enough. Credit card companies consider Internet transactions to be riskier than other standard transactions; so, not all accounts permit Internet transactions. If your current account does not allow Internet transactions, you have to contact your financial institution to correct this.

There are many brokers available who can open a Merchant processing account for you. Their conditions for opening an account may vary. Most brokers who open Merchant processing accounts offer software or hardware to process credit cards. If you want to accept credit cards over the Internet, you need a software solution, not a hardware solution.

When you buy a merchant account and software for online credit card processing, you get the following: -Your own real online merchant account to accept Visa and MasterCard Ordering process is conducted on your site, your visitors never leave your site to pay for their purchase -Your company name appears on customers monthly credit card statements -Automatic Real-Time processing -Secure virtual terminal for phone, fax & mail orders (applies to mail or phone order merchants) - manually type credit card information in a web browser; can be used anywhere... your office, a client's office, laptop, anywhere with Internet access. Either gateway's virtual terminal make an excellent mobile processing solution, too. -Secure transactions - Cardholder data is protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology After you have your Secure Server running, you need the software to display order forms, store orders etc.

National Processing credit card processing solutions make it easy to process payments with user friendly, Internet and online merchant accounts, backed by top-notch payment gateways. National Processing Card Solutions provide reliable, flexible and competitively priced credit card payment and online payment processing solutions for clients from a wide range of business sectors worldwide. National Processings place the highest importance on understanding the individual requirements of our clients and, as well as 'off-the-shelf' payment services. With over 20 years' experience, they are always developing payment solutions and professional services which respond to the marketplace.

Article written by: Jim Stranger

Posted in Uncategorized on Sep 18, 2013